Woman Finds Mama Dog and Pups in a Yard With No Food or Water –



This is the story of Amy Remark, an animal lover who strongly believes that every life matters and does all in her power to help as many animals in need as possible.

One day, Amy stumbled upon a mommy dog and her litter of four babies. But there was also a male dog in their company, so Amy was generous enough to save all six of them. “These guys were left with no food and water… they were dehydrated and malnourished,” she said of the time she spotted the dogs in the yard.

Unfortunately, despite all the effort and the vet’s check-ups, the mommy dog, Chief, died.

Amy paid the hospital bills herself, and was deeply saddened by the loss of the dog who suffered so much during her lifetime.

The puppies, however, were doing great. Amy and some of her friends managed to place them at a shelter and started a fundraiser to help with the vet’s costs.

The male dog whom they named Fletcher, found his forever home with his rescuer. Yes, Amy took him in, and we are over the moon these two clicked and will be best of friends.

Now Fletcher spends his days in the company of his doggy sibling and gets to sleep in a comfy bed. The life on the streets is finally in the past.

“He is so cute and also needs a ton of work with a dog trainer. I’m doing my best and he’s learning quickly. He and my other dog – who doesn’t like many dogs – get along famously. I think it’s true love.”

Thanks to Amy, these dogs got a second chance for a better life.

We hope there are more people like Amy in the world, because the number of stray animals who long for love and home is huge. Maybe we can’t help every one of them, but we can take at least one homeless animal in and make a change one soul at a time.


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