Woman Found Blind Twin Kittens That Guide Each Other Through The World – PAWS PLANET



A kind woman from Sydney, Australia spotted two kittens while hanging out in her backyard. When meeting twins, she couldn’t turn her back on them, so she started to feed them and realized that there was something unusual about their eyes.
The kind rescuer took them to the vet for inspection and the result was they were completely blind. However, they were physically healthy and very energetic. “Both boys have been born with deformed eyelids and a condition where the eyelashes turn inwards and rub on the pupils,” the rescue said.
The two brothers needed eye surgeries as they were having risks of infection. In order to help the kittens, the woman contacted many local rescues, but no one wanted to give a hand. Thankfully, Inner City Strays rescue group agreed to help and give them new names Stevie and Isaac.
On the visits to the vet, the ginger brothers were so brave and received treatment patiently. Stevie is completely blind but Isaac can see with one eye, though his eyelids are troublesome. However, the twins strongly bonded together and were completely inseparable.
“Stevie relies on Isaac incredibly,” Diana Dammery of Inner City Strays explains. “If he gets disorientated or is unsure, he cries and Isaac comes running. He never cries if Isaac is near. They’re the best of friends. They are fit and healthy, robust kittens doing everything kittens do, playing, chasing toys, rumbling with each other and getting up to mischief!”
A couple fell in love with these brothers and decided to adopt them. Once the twins fully recover, they will go to their new home soon. We hope that they will be loved in a happy family that understands their needs.

“Stevie and Isaac’s story is one of survival, resilience and brotherly love. Their disability has no negative impact on their quality of life whatsoever,” the rescue said. “We learned so much from this pair and they will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

h/t: Love Meow