Woman Introduces Dog To Boyfriend, Can’t Believe It When Pup Makes A Move On Him


Harvey is an amazingly brave dog that survived the hurricane he was named after. Ever since he entered the life of Abby Schulte, she knew his life before the rescue wasn’t an easy one, because this pit bull mix was afraid of humans. Abby assumed he could be maltreated by his previous owners since he wasn’t good at interacting with anyone around. However, this king girl was determined to change that.

Abby is dating a guy named Ethan, whose relationship with Harvey is sort of special.

Abby Schulte

When Abby’s boyfriend first met the dog he was told it was pretty shy and afraid of people, but to everyone’s surprise, Harvey felt instant connection to Ethan.

It seemed like the dog found in Ethan someone he could trust and love. The two shared one of the most emotional moments caught on camera between a man and his pet, well in this case, his girlfriend’s pet. Abby was so moved by what the dog did that she felt like she had to share it with the rest of the world. The video was seen by more than eight million people.

Abby Schulte

The dog is laying in Ethan’s lab, feeling cozy and comfortable, pawing his new friend on the face. And just when we though it couldn’t get any cuter, Harvey pulled Ethan’s face closer and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

Everyone though that Harvey stealing a kiss from Abby’s boyfriend was the ultimate expression of love.

Abby Schulte

Although they will always be his favorite humans, Abby and Ethan make sure Harvey makes new friends. He is now a happy dog with a nice life ahead of him.

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