Woman Was Visiting Her Son’s Grave – Where She Meets A Friendly Bird


It was a seemingly normal visit until..

Animals often have the uncanny ability to sense human emotions. There have been countless of stories of animals who have comforted people emotionally, even wild animals. A woman named Marie Robinson was a mother to a four year old boy named Jack, who sadly passed away after succumbing to a brain tumor in 2014. Jack’s family mourned his passing, including his three other sisters and a twin brother.

Three years after his death, Marie decided to commemorate his death by visiting her son’s grave. When she got to his grave, she started to speak out loud and told her son to show her a sign that he was there with her. Not long after she said that, a robin flew out of nowhere and perched on her foot!

This surprised Marie, who quickly whipped out her phone to film a video of its actions. Marie soon gasped after the robin flew off and landed on her son’s gravestone. The grieving mother then held her hand out, which the robin quickly landed on. It even looked at her when she addressed it, before flying off. The robin’s actions touched Marie and brought tears to her eyes.

She knows that her son is well-taken care of, as he now has a guardian to watch over him. In English folklore, robins are commonly associated with death and it was said that they acted as messengers to guide spirits over to the other side. Marie soon uploaded the video online and it quickly went viral, gaining almost 14 million views and numerous messages of support from netizens.

Marie even stated that the robin came back not long after and perched on her shoulder, occasionally nibbling her to provide comfort to her. Marie is undoubtedly grateful to this little robin and appreciated its gestures.

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