Woman Wants Her Beagle Euthanized Because She Is Overweight!



Welcoming a dog in your life certainly makes it more beautiful. These loving creatures, however, need constant attention and love, and someone who is willing to take proper care of them. Sadly, many people take dogs in and once they realize looking after them is not that simple, they dump them on the streets or surrender them at shelters.

Recently, a Beagle named Honey was brought at the SPCA of Niagara County in New York and her owner asked for the dog to be euthanized. Looking at Honey, the shelter staff refused to kill her because they knew she could recover from the condition her owner put her in.

Namely, the owner had dementia and she would often forget that she fed her dog and that meant Honey was getting too much food. That caused her to be overweight so much that she had troubles walking.

There, at the shelter, Honey was about to get all the attention and help she needed so badly. After she was placed on a strict diet, she lost five pounds in the first week.

Along with proper medication for hypothyroidism and a lot of exercise, Honey was on her way to complete recovery from the state she found herself in. The staff and the kind volunteers were more than happy to help Honey with her daily exercise which consisted of water therapy and walking on a treadmill.

Honey loved her new life and she was aware great things were awaiting for her.

Sue Cable, one of the SPCA volunteers who worked with Honey, said:

“I was amazed at how fast it happened …Once she was in a home and able to move around in that, she just went.”

It took Honey 6 long months of exercise and a healthy life style to shed 40 pounds off her body. But as it finally happened, she’s now placed on the list for adoption and is waiting for someone special to come along her way and offer her a forever home.

If it wasn’t for the shelter staff and the volunteers who believed Honey could start her life over, she would have been long forgotten.

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