You’ll Definitely Fall In Love With This Blind Cat Who Can See Through His Ears! PAWS PLANET



Meet Bamboo the cat! The incredible loving cat doesn’t see through his eyes, he does through his ears. He was a stray kitten found on the streets and he didn’t have any humans to look after him. Unfortunately, a severe eye infection made him lose his vision and eventually needing surgery to remove his eyes. He’s an adorable cat who is in sore need of some tender loving care.

Thankfully, he has made a remarkable recovery and is given a second chance at love and happiness. Now, he is living a happy and healthy life with his new owner. Although he cannot see anything, he doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying a full and normal life.

You’d never guess that cat was blind, he’s acting exactly like any cat. As you can see in the video, Bamboo explores his new home and his new family for the first time is pretty touching. He understands that now he has a family of his own, and his parents seem happy to have him in their home.

“Bamboo even travels with us when we visit Nikki (vio)’s parent’s house and surprised us by being able to run up the stairs like it was nothing on one of his first stays there. He had a small ear mite infection in the first few months but other than that he’s been very healthy, happy and slightly annoying. We love him a lot.” Bamboo’s mother, Laura said.

Thanks to Laura for sharing Bamboo’s story with us! Thank goodness for the good people of the world willing to give animals with a disability a loving home. The world needs more people like Bamboo’s family.

Now take a look at this video that shows Bamboo’s first day in his forever home. After watching this video, I would like to show that you may have a physical ailment, doesn’t mean you should ever give up, or ever stop exploring. Please share this inspiring cat with all of your friends and family!

Watch the video here!

h/t: Love Meow