Zoo Closed After Huge Snow Storm, Cameras Capture Animals Magically Playing In Snow


Why we love winter so much is because of the dancing snowflakes that fall upon our faces and remind us of all the fun they bring along. If you believe that young and restless kids are the only ones who enjoy the snow, you are wrong. Animals are equally thrilled about the magic this season brings.

Looking at them enjoying in the snow is as amazing as the fun they have. The video you are about to see will melt your heart. It was caught on the Oregon’s Zoo cameras in January last year, when the place had to be closed due to the snowfall that accumulated and forced many other business to do the same.

Free of visitors, the animals took the time to fully enjoy the day. They all had a blast, and we are so glad we got to witness one of the best days of their life. Most of them were out of their shelters and rolled around in the fluffy cold snow.

Source: The Oregonian via YouTube

One of the zookeepers got worried for the animals and decided to check on them having to ski down a mountain in order to reach the facility. What he saw left him in awe. It was as though he crashed a winter party everyone was excited to attend.

Nora, the polar bear, was having the time of her life. Snow is important for her, and she couldn’t stop burying her head inside of it and rolling around.

Source: The Oregonian via YouTube

All of the animals are curious and eager to explore the “white powder” falling from the sky. The sea lions are in gull swing, trying to refresh themselves by lying on the snow.

Source: The Oregonian via YouTube

It’s funny how so many different animals originating from different regions and climates have one thing in common, and that’s the joy snow brings to them when they are outside playing around.

Another animal that is enjoying the beauty of the day is Samudra, the elephant.

Source: The Oregonian via YouTube

Although elephants live in warm places, Samudra couldn’t help but get out of the shelter and see the magic that was happening around him. Stomping and making prints on the snow is entertaining, and this elephant knows that best.

This unusual video was seen by more than 3,5 million people worldwide. Take a look at it below.

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