How To Tell An Albino Cat From A White Cat


This is the article about Albion Cat. There are many different breeds of cat. Each of these breeds has their own color patterns and characteristics. Some even have their own universal behaviors. When it comes to white cats, many people get them confused with albino cats. If you are going to adopt a white can and you aren’t sure if it is white or albino, read on.

What Causes a Cat To Be Albino

Albinism is a genetic condition that results in a lack of pigmentation in the cat’s skin and fur. In order for a cat to be born albino, both of his parents would need to have the genetic markers for albinism.

How Can You Tell the Difference Between a White Cat and an Albino Cat?

If you see a cat from far away, you may not be able to tell if he is white or albino. If you don’t know what to look for, you also may not know how to tell the difference. Albino cats have the following characteristics.

Albino Cat
Albino Cat

Albino cat personality

The personality of albino cat is awesome. Unique eyes, its color, perception, skin etc. make albino cat personality superb. Please read the following option:

Unique Eyes: The first thing that you should do is look at the cat’s eyes. White cats have eyes that vary in color. There are as like as furreal friends cat. The can be brown, hazel, vivid blue, or vivid green. Some white cats have what is called an odd-eye, which means that their eyes are different colors. An albino cat’s eyes are unique. Because an albino cat lacks pigmentation, his eyes would be a pale blue, pink, red, or pinkish blue. This is caused by an excessive amount of light reflecting from the blood vessels located in the back of the cat’s eye.

The Color of His Skin: If you look at a white cat, his skin wouldn’t look unusual. An albino cat, however, has a unique skin. Due to the excessive light reflecting from the blood vessels in the skin, the skin on his nose and his ears are pink.

Sensitivity to Light: If you have a white cat and he is sensitive to light, chances are he is albino. The reason albino cats are sensitive to light is because of the amount of light that reflects from the blood vessels in his eyes. If the cat is in direct sunlight, it can cause permanent damage to his eyes.

Sensitive Skin: Like his eyes, the albino cat’s skin is especially sensitive. It is important that if you adopt an albino cat that you keep him out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Issues With Depth Perception: Because albino cats are unable to produce melanin, it can have an effect on his depth perception. As a result, albino cats tend to be more clumsy.

Albino Cats Myths

Albino cats are deaf: This is not true. While some studies show that white cats are harder hearing than most cats, albino cats generally have no hearing problems. Albino cats are at risk for health issues: There is no scientific evidence that albino cats are more at risk for health problems than non-albino cats.

If you are considering adopting a white cat and you aren’t sure if he is just white or he is albino, check for the characteristics listed above. Whether he is white or albino, it doesn’t matter. A cat can be an excellent addition to any home.
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