Abandoned Female Dog Story Will Break Your Heart


This is the story of a abandoned female dog named Lydia which is the most fragile, delicate, discreet dog we have ever met. The story teller of the video told in the following ways about the story of abandoned female dog.

In the beginning I was afraid I might break her, as she looked so weak and frail. Her past is probably that of every hunting dog in Greece, used as a tool (the females as breeding machines, never spayed, never given a break between births) and abandoned once she was not good enough anymore.

abandoned female dog
abandoned female dog

It happens too often here, we see it every day, hunting dogs are an open, bleeding wound in animal welfare. But the past is in the past, and dogs live the present. And Lydia lives her present to the fullest.

Abandoned Female Dog

Everything she does, she enjoys it as much as she can, and despite looking weak and fragile, when she goes for a walk she enjoys it so much that she won’t stop wagging her tail and running around. For a couple of hours a day, she turns into a puppy, and spends the rest of the day sleeping. She is the most loyal dog ever, she listens, she obeys and she loves with all her hear.

abandoned femaled dog surgery
Credit: Youtube

She is ten years old and she doesn’t have a long life ahead. Nobody known how long she will live, since the cancer might metastasize, but then again it might not. I have been fostering her for about a month and a half, and it feels like we’ve spent years together. Lydia has this ability to bond immediately with whoever cares for her, and makes you realize that it’s not the length of time that matters, but the quality of it.

At Last we can say that look into Lydias beautiful, soulful eyes. You can see the suffering that she went through. How could anyone discard Lydia as if she were worthless. It is the greed of humans that put sweet Lydia through all her suffering. Again dear Valia you have moved me to tears. I think that Lydia has come through her operations because she knows that now she loves and cared for. If her previous ill treatment was not bad enough,to then loose part of her femininity is so sad in itself. When Lydia was running in the park you could just feel her joy at her new found freedom and love.

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