The Origin of Canine Collars and Excessive Canine Gear the Greatest Model of Current World


If you are a dog lover, you will have to like to know more about top quality dog training equipments. There are a lot of dog training equipments in the market. But among them the best one is extreme dog gear equipment like the best flea collar for dogs which help you a very better control over your dog. So this is so much important for you if you are a professional dog trainer or lover.

History of dog collars

Before going to discuss more about dog collars of Extreme Dog Gear, let’s know about the history of dog collars.

For you, It is really hard to state who the primary human was to tie a rope around a canine’s or dog’s neck and endeavor to lead him like a steed or a camel. In any case, DNA investigation has demonstrated that the main tamed dog breeds previously went with European trackers 32000 years prior.

Normally, these dogs were reproduced from wolves. A Scandinavian legend has it that wolf packs pursued gatherings of trackers to devour the nourishment scraps left by the men. What’s more, as a byproduct of the nourishment, the wolves secured the trackers by their guidance ahead of time cries of moving toward threat, for example as an eager bear.

We can not be sure if this legend is valid. Nonetheless, actually man has constantly preferred to be encompassed by faithful dogs. One of the primary outlines of an ace with his dog on a lead goes back to 4500 years before Christ, on mosaics which were found in Pompei, Italy.

Thus, The dog collars have a history that returns to the old Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Persian occasions. As the centuries progressed, the connection between the canine and his proprietor prompted the improvement of the collars.

Dog Collars In Different Ages

Dogs and people have a long history together. Before we kept dairy animals, prepared flying creatures and even before we had seen a tiger, people had hounds as pets. Around 12,000 years back in the old world, hounds were tamed. We have discovered that in those occasions pooches were covered with their proprietors!

Yet, when did we begin to embellish, to control and distinguish our canines? We will pursue the rise of the pooch neckline from the antiquated occasions to current occasions and we will perceive how our changing demeanor towards the creatures have impacted the collars.

China Dog Collars

Researchers accept that around 15,000 years back, dogs were first tamed in the region what is presently the fringe among Mongolia and China. A scope of local Chinese breeds originates from the majestic castles and religious communities.

The most loved creature in the majestic court was the Pekingese, a little lion – like canine that delighted in all the affection and extraordinary treatment. The Pekingese was viewed as the buddy of the Chinese sovereigns, who had an imposing business model on this breed. For quite a while, the Pekingese were held uniquely by individuals from the Chinese majestic castle.

Numerous one of a kind highlights have been credited to these creatures. It was accepted that these pooch brought satisfaction and removed fiendishness spirits. There were some of the times up to 200 Pekingese living all the while in the royal residence. The greatest aficionado of the Pekingese was Empress Cixi who had in excess of a hundred mutts of this breed.

In China, the “Lion Dog ” picked up status as the official canine of the Imperial Palace. This occurred when pooches were on the eating regimen of the neighborhood ranchers, however any individual who had a majestic canine ambushed, could be rebuffed by death. Additionally, there is a type of canine called “Chinese royal pooch “which began around 700 BC and was utilized to warmth up royal feet.

Antiquated Persian Dog Collars

The Saluki or Persian greyhound begins from the previous Persia. The assortment name is gotten from the Arab city Saluk, that has vanished under the sand. Salukis were utilized as chasing hounds by different roaming desert individuals and were along these lines dispersed from the Caspian Sea to the Sahara desert. In Persian stoneware going back to 4200 BC, the Saluki mutts were depicted The Pharaohs chased with hawks on their wrists and saluki ‘s on the chain, and preserved salukis were found in Egyptian tombs. Salukis are emphatically identified with Afghan dogs and are once in a while called Gazelle hound. The Saluki were utilized both as a chasing friend and as a chasing hound.

The antiquated Persians had laws that would rebuff everybody for slaughtering a canine with 500 to 1,000 lashes. In any event, sustaining a canine with terrible nourishment could prompt 50 – 200 lashes, contingent upon the breed and societal position of the pooch. Yet, when did we start to beautifying our pooches with collars?

Antiquated Egypt Dog Collars

Everybody has heard that the Egyptians cherished their felines, yet they completely additionally their dogs! In spite of the fact that pooches at home were less adored, they were more typical than felines to show up as divine beings and images. Mutts were not depicted as pets, yet consistently as trackers and defenders . As occurred with the felines, the canines were preserved alongside their proprietor. The Egyptians had laws overseeing the proprietorship and the treatment of pooches from the earliest starting point of the Paranoiac period.

The primary design dog collars

At the stature of the antiquated Egyptians, collars and chains were utilized of course when preparing a pooch. Frequently the collars were genuine masterpieces. It was basic to etch them with the name of the pooch. Collars have been found with names like ‘the daring’, ‘dependable’, ‘North Wind’ and even ‘futile’. Discoveries included likewise collars where the canine just got a number like ‘five’.

Old Greece Dog Collars

The homestead hounds in antiquated Greece wore collars that were fundamentally the same as the spikes studded collars that their medieval partners would wear. A sheepdog, which must be white to be obvious around evening time got a melium: a cowhide neckline with spikes. This shielded his bristly neck from the chomps of a wolf as he ensured the herd. Greek ranchers, in the same way as other current pooch proprietors, favored the splendid yet not very forceful canines. The canines were extreme enough to assault interlopers, yet additionally kind enough to not assault their supervisors. In this setting it is fascinating to take note of that ranch pooches must be dark with the goal that they could more readily shroud concealed to amaze interlopers.

The old Greeks dealt with their mutts, much the same as the antiquated Egyptians and numerous human advancements after them did. In the towns, little canines called Alopekis framed the organization of ladies and kids. The mutts were likewise used to screen little groups of geese or different creatures. Most likely the ladies wore the little young doggies in the sleeves of their robes as they went to the market. Around then ladies were not permitted to take an interest in public activity, so the mutts more likely than not shaped significant organization for ladies. The relatives of these canines can in any case be found in the city in current Greek urban communities.

Dog Collars in Modern Times

Today, there are collars utilized from the introduction of the dogs. Design Dogs collars are a gigantic market for admirers of conspicuous hues and costly materials. The present culture has made us familiar with brand collars (marks that were first connected uniquely with items for individuals), Swarovski precious stones and other eye-getting plans.

Extreme Dog Gear in Netherlands

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Features of Extreme Dog Gear Training Equipments

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About Extreme Dog Gear

Extremedoggear is a Top Class Brand whose work is to make dog collars, leads, harness and so many thing related with dog training equipments. They make a very high quality dog gear and it is tested not the break below 2200kg force. They work for all dog breeds but they are specialized in sport, work, service and army dogs. They also do work for hunting dog. They are also specializing in k9 Collars and k9 enthusiasts. They deliver their brand products to all over the world.

Location of Extreme Dog Gear

Extremedoggear is located at Amerongen in Netherlands. If you find their address in google map, you can get their full address. They business location is actually Industrieweg Zuid 22B, 3958 VX Amerongen, Netherlands.

Major Products of Extreme Dog Gear

There are many products related with dog training you can get in ExtremeDogGear store. Their best products are Dog Collars, Harness, Leashes, Extreme Dog Sport Gear, Military Dog Collars-Tactical Dogs Harness.

Dog Collars

Sometimes it is very difficult to find dog collars according to your dog sizes or shapes. But ExtremeDogGear provides the best brand for every size or shape dog or dog breeds.

If you are searching collars for your large dog breeds, you will also get nice collars for your large dog breeds. Their Collars like Heavy Duty, Old School, Kennel Collars, The Pucncher and Custom Collars are 2 inches wide and these collars are perfect for your large dog breeds.


If you are looking for a quality harness for your dog, You will have to like the handmade custom dog harnesses. Because ExtremeDogGear believes quality work and so they are making comfortable, stylish and low maintenance handmade custom dog harnesses.

Dog Sport harness
Dog Sport harness of Extremedoggear



As a dog lovers or trainer, you have already used leashes to control your dog.

EDG dog lead turquoise
EDG dog lead turquoise of Extremedoggear

The aim of the law is to protect the health and safety of the public and to protect your pet. The use of a leash will benefit you, your neighborhood, and your pet. There are many good reasons to keep your dog on a leash. But how long the leashes are! Are the leashes perfect and comfortable for your dog? ExtremeDogGear provides you the best leashes for your loyal dog. You can use these leashes to control and protect your dog in every situation.

Extreme Dog Sport Gear

There are three types of sport gear for your dog you can find in ExtremeDogGear. They are Extreme Bite Tugs Fire hose, Extreme Bite Tugs Nylcot, The Solo Tugger.

Solo Tugger

This extreme bite tug is perfect for drive building for all dogs from puppy to adult. It is an excellent reward tool which is also great for using on the spring pole, solo tugger or hang time. On the other hand, The Solo Tugger is an exercise dog toy which is used a strong and safe bungee cord to create a fun stretching force for your canine.

Military Dog Collars-Tactical Dogs Harness

Throughout the years, having an enthusiasm for working dogs, they advanced into new brand and business named “Outrageous Dog Gear” in this manner giving game and administration dog apparatus. After a timeframe, they arrived at the resolution that law authorization and military had progressively explicit requirements for a more elevated level of value in their hardware.

They have examined and worked with the expert K9 industry for Police K9, Military Working Dogs, Professional K9 Trainers and shopper pooch markets. With this information and network based methodology Extreme Dog Gear has created and produced the absolute highest caliber k9 collars, strategic pooch saddles, rope and preparing helps.

They offer a few unique clasps for our nylon pooch collars including plastic, metal, Cobra and marine evaluation steel snaps. The Cobra Buckle Dog Collar utilizes a martingale structure which keeps the canine secure without gagging. The strategic pooch neckline changes with fit your dog’s particular neck size and accompanies a hearty, fast discharge, Cobra Buckle.

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