American Pit Bull Was Found Lying On A Sidewalk and Rescued


Found on a Los Angeles sidewalk, this american pit bull weighed only 26 pounds. Ticks and maggots infested her body. The worst we’ve seen in all our years of reporting.

Nearing death, Ghetto Rescue FFoundation (GRFF), an LA police officer ran a rescue organization. They thought she wouldn’t make it past 24 hours. The poor pit bull scrounged for food and water and the ticks were taking every bit of nourishment that she took in.  They needed to hurry or she was going to die.

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American Pit Bull

They named her Spirit Golden Heart not only because of the heart-shaped mark on her shoulder but also because of her strong will to live.

Even though she was in horrible shape, she remained a sweetheart. In the hospital for weeks, she grew stronger every day. The volunteers saw her sparkle come into her eyes.

america pit bull

Now doing great, Spirit is a living miracle. She lives with a foster parent until she finds her forever home. She went from spending her life on the streets to a “chubby couch potato” as her foster mom calls her.  Just look at that compared to her first picture.  It’s hard to imagine any dog living in the conditions she came from.

america pit bull,american pit bull

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What would you do if you saw a dog on the streets that were in terrible shape?  Would you walk on by or would you stop to help?