Animal Rescuers Run Toward Starving Pup, But Freeze When They See He’s Surrounded By Nasty Creatures


Animal rescuers saw the distressed pup, starving and chained to a tree. They prepared to charge right in but before they could move, they noticed something truly terrifying… It wasn’t the condition of the poor dog, though the suffering pit bull was indeed in bad shape.

Animal Rescuers

She clearly hadn’t eaten in some time and she’d probably been chained up for a very long time. She was filthy, unhappy, and very scared.

And she was scared because she was surrounded by a horde of unsavory creatures!

That’s what made the animal rescue officers freeze:

The ailing pit bull was in the midst of a giant flock of vultures!

It was suddenly as clear as day: this poor innocent creature was on the verge of death, and those nasty scavengers knew it.

It made the officers work even faster, as they quickly chased the dozens of black birds away and raced to bring the pit bull to safety.

Even after she was rescued, however, the neglected pooch remained fearful and timid. Those vultures had only made her terrible situation worse!

But this dog’s dreams were about to come true…

Animal Rescuers

Because the local news picked up this dark story of an abused pup and the swarming vultures, a lot of kind-hearted souls came forward to adopt the dog.

It wasn’t long before the friendly canine found her forever home, with Keana Lynch and Travis Henley.

The couple named the dog Lilo (Travis’ daughter’s favorite movie is “Lilo and Stitch”) and now, Lilo’s fear is finally starting to melt away.

Animal Rescuers

The trauma she sustained will never happen again and she knows it. No more chains or vultures for Lilo!

And it gets even better:

Lilo visits schools with Keana to teach kids about dog behavior and rescue animals, and Lilo even gets dressed up for the lessons!

Oh, and Lilo has a new sister, too, and the pups are absolutely inseparable.

Lilo went from being chained up and left to starve to having a best friend, loving owners, and an honorable purpose in life!

Now this is a feel-good story that has it all … vultures included!

Animal Rescuers saves two dogs


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