Firefighters Attempt Urgent Moose Rescue After Trapped in Ice


Moose Rescue

The Shediac fire department of New Brunswick recently performed a moose rescue of a 500-pound moose trapped in ice.

The fire department received a call on Saturday stating that a moose had fallen through the ice in a lake. She attempted to escape several times, but all ended with her more exhausted.

Jos Leblanc was one of 7 firefighters that helped in the rescue on Saturday. “We had all the boys dispatched to retrieve him,” LeBlanc, said. He continued saying that it took a while for the moose to calm down enough for them to break ice near it.

moose rescue

Leblanc also took a video of the three firefighters tirelessly breaking the inches of ice to free the massive animal while three more stayed on the shoreline in the case of a worse event.

The path through the ice was completed after an hour and a half, but when the time for freedom came, the moose wouldn’t move.

Firefighters actually had to scare her out of the water by hitting their axes against the ice again.

Watch the video below!

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