Some of the Best Litter Box Tips Every Cat Owner Wish He Knew Before


Some of the Best Litter Box Tips Every Cat Owner Wish He Knew Before
As a pet parent, especially as an owner of a cat (or cats), you need to know a lot of tips and tricks so that you can take care of your pet to the fullest because after all caring for a cat is the same as caring for a baby.

Whether you’re an experienced cat owner or have just welcomed your little buddy, I assure you you’re gonna get along pretty well with everything else except one thing, and that is really gonna piss you off. It’s the Litter Box Duty. Hygiene always comes first, so you have to make sure that you are dealing with the cat litter the right way or else, your house will become a mess.

Though most people manage it perfectly in the start, but as time passes, things begin to get more complex when it comes to the cat’s litter box. Sometimes they bring the wrong quality litter and sometimes they can’t find a perfect litter box for messy cats.

In such situations, they really need some secrets tips, and tricks that can help them maintain perfect hygiene while also keeping their furry little friends happy and comfortable. So let’s have a deep and detailed look at some of the best litter box tips that we have illustrated down below just for you so that you and your little pal can get along well enough.

Best Litter Box Tips Every Cat Owner

Keep the Litter Box Far Away From the Meal

One rule of thumb that you must all consider is that you should keep the litter box at a fairly good distance from your cat’s meal. Because you may have noticed that cats are quite hygienic animals unlike others (especially dogs). So they can easily get disgusted if their meal is placed near their litter box. In this case, they will either stop eating or can also stop using the litter box, and you will find those awful things in your cupboards or under the sofas. So make sure to keep the litter box separated from the meal.

Buy Large Boxes Even for the Kitten

What people often do is that they bring small boxes for the kittens, forgetting the fact that kittens will grow up. A kitten can use a large litter box, but an adult cat can never use a small box. So instead of spending twice, just bring a large litter box even for your kitten.

Keep the Litter Just 4 Inches Deep

People mostly make this mistake of heaping the litter box which is not suggested at all. Overfilling the litter won’t do any good, you will still have to clean and change it regularly, and so it’s just gonna result in the wastage of your litter. Therefore remember, filling the box just 4 inches deep is enough for your cat.

Don’t Use Single Box for Multiple Cats

Don’t ever think that a single litter box will be enough for your multiple cats. Every cat should have its own personal litter box, even though it doesn’t use it. So make sure to buy the same amount of litter box as your cats and one extra.

Never Clean the Litter Box with Ammonia

Ammonia and other chemical-based cleaners are highly toxic for cats and even for humans. They can cause skin allergies, breathing problems, and even death in cats. So never make this mistake of cleaning the litter box with ammonia or other toxic cleaners.

Add Baking Soda to the Litter for Better Experience

If you are so much annoyed with that weird smell of litter and cat waste, then instead of buying perfume litter (as it is toxic), you can go with adding a little amount of baking soda to the litter box because it efficiently absorbs unwanted odors and even kills bacteria.

Remember, dealing with the cat litter box is not complicated at all, you just have to adopt a few tricks and some of the smart habits so that you can your buddy can enjoy the eternal friendship.