Cruel Breeder Has Been Banned From Owning Animals For Life After A Horrific Discovery


Not every dog or cat breeder raise their animals in an ethnic way. Some breeders mistreat their animals and still sell them off to either pet shops or people. The animals are often diseased and kept in terrible conditions. In the United Kingdom, a breeder named Jane Oxlade has been banned from owning animals for life after the RSPCA found out that she kept 38 dogs and 18 cats in filthy makeshift pens and crates in her property. Oxlade pled guilty to various animal offence charges after the RSPCA raid at her home in Bexleyheath, Kent.

In addition to the ban, Oxlade was fined £2,000 and sentenced to 20 weeks in prison for her crime. A vet who joined the RSPCA officers in the raid stated that the animals were kept in one of the worst conditions that he has ever seen, even comparing it to armour plating. RSPCA Inspector Cliff Harrison filmed a video footage of the property as evidence and was horrified to see the animals covered in their own faeces, with mud and dirt everywhere.

The RSPCA Special Operations Unit joined forces with the local police earlier in January to issue a warrant to search Oxlade’s property after several complaints from people who have purchased puppies from that address. According to the RSPCA, they have been getting complaints regarding this address but were unable to act on due to a lack of evidence.


In 2017, the RSPCA made a visit to Oxlade’s property following some complaints but were turned away. This made everyone suspicious that Oxlade was trying to hide something. The final strings of complaints came in-between November and Christmas Day, one Dachshund even died from a Parvovirus infection.

The RSPCA reported that many of the dogs there suffered from dental disease and various infections, with no access to water. Compared to the areas where the dogs were kept, Oxlade’s living room was kept in a pristine condition, which may have been the room where the puppies were brought to meet their potential family. This served as a facade to trick the families into thinking that the puppies were raised in a quality and ethnic environment.

Sadly, most commercial puppy farmers hide behind closed doors, away from the eyes of the public. In the UK, a campaign called Lucy’s Law has been launched to combat the problem of puppy farming. This law would mean that sales from third-party vendors like pet shops or dealers would be banned and potential buyers would have to be allowed into their property to see where the dogs are kept.

Help stop puppy farming by raising awareness! Always ask to see the puppy’s environment or visit a local rescue to adopt.

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