Dogs Who Are, Uh, Having a Bit of a Difficult Time Being A Dog


Dogs have been beloved by humans for centuries. Used by hunters for their keen abilities and by royal families to serve and protect, they’ve always been thought of as a strong and steady force…

But not all dogs are created equal. Some dogs are true heroes capable of learning and doing almost anything. And other dogs, well… they have a really hard time just being a dog.

1. When a dog is hungry they usually tap on their food bowl or bark at it. This dog’s begging is a little unorthodox. “Ay, you! Where’s my food?” 


2. Napping on the couch is a favorite past time for a pooch. But this Frenchie’s back legs seem to be out of order. Seriously though: does he need a doctor? 

3. A bed, a pillow, a favorite stuffed animal, a human’s leg – these are all places dog’s love to rest their head, but a brick? That’s, uh, a very special kind of comfy. 


4. It’s pretty much a given that all dog-mommies will schedule a photo shoot at one point or another. This blind dog named Tugboat was the star during her glam shoot… once she figured out the right way to face. 

5. Everybody gets snackish during the day, it’s only natural! That goes double for pups, too. This little guy knows dinner is right around the corner, but that doesn’t stop him from taking a little nibble of… himself. 

6. Waking up in the morning is always difficult, but this dog is having a serious case of the Mondays. They can’t even get their pants on, one paw at a time!


7. Standing is hard, we get it. That’s probably why this Corgi decided being a loaf of bread was easier than standing around with her friends. Standing, pfft, how overrated. 


8. Dogs are absolutely precious creatures when they sleep. This dog has the “creature” part of sleeping down… but the “precious” part clearly still needs a little bit of work. 


9. Talk about a couch potato. This dog lounged so hard, that they literally became part of the couch. Note to self: always check the cushions before reporting your ‘missing’ pet.


10. Hanging your head out of the window is a refreshing, freeing feeling. This dog, on the other hand, appears to be struggling against the mighty wind. He’d blink, but… he can’t! 


11. Dog owners go crazy about getting the biggest, most comfortable beds for their pets. But it looks like what this dog really wanted was a nice pillow.


12. Chewing on toys is a very natural thing for dogs to do. That might explain why this dog looks so confused by his own inability to chew on this rubber ball properly! 


13. Golden Retrievers are known for their golden fluffy bodies, but this retriever is looking a little green. Whatever you do, don’t make him angry… you won’t like him when he’s angry! 

14. Sometimes dogs do random things and us humans have no idea why. This dog is seemingly very content while being stuck in a bush. To each their own! 

@paddypower / Twitter

15. Oftentimes, dogs don’t realize their size. This pooch clearly didn’t realize it’s not a puppy anymore. Forget the cone of shame, this is the door of shame.

@dogshaming / Twitter

16. This herding dog is very clearly having an existential life crisis. He has stopped preforming his daily duties and is living life as a sheep himself.

@BoringEnormous / Twitter

17. Playing catch with your pooch is the best way to get the energy out of their system. But what if your dog can’t play catch? That’s something this pup’s owner has clearly struggled with! 


18. To be fair, this is less of a dog-fail and more of a my-owner-can’t-use-panorama-on-their-smartphone-properly fail. Either way, who doesn’t like looking nice and lean in a selfie?


19. Lounging around is probably the best known talent of a dog, but apparently not for this guy. So many strings, so many holes. Here’s hoping his human gave him a hand! 


20. Most dogs fly down the stairs with ease from a young age. Though this dog hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it, there’s no denying that she makes an excellent bridge! 

Maddie The Coonhound

Not all dogs are created equal. But all dogs are wonderful in their own special way…

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