Foster Mom Teaches Boxer Puppy How To Howl, Records Cuteness On Camera


It is always quite fulfilling to teach your Boxer Puppy new tricks. But when a puppy learns to howl from you, you have to catch it on video.

Boxer Puppy

When a YouTuber, who goes by the name ‘manders917’, decided to foster a Boxer she didn’t know it was pregnant. Her Boxer named Lucy gave birth to not one, but three puppies not much later. Overjoyed with the litter, Lucy’s foster parents decided to teach the pups some skills including how to howl.


One pup in particular, Cali, is the star in the video. Showing her how to howl, the mom picks up little Cali. A fast learner, Cali howls out with her own little awoooo’s. It is seriously the cutest thing!

Watch Cali say her first words in this adorable video!

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