German Shepherd Feared Humans — So Much So That She Cried Out


For organizations and their volunteers to rescue stray animals, the task is often not easy. Plus, it requires a lot of persuading, patience and hard work just to gain the animal’s trust. One such case involves a stray Old German shepherd, who was named Rain by Hope For Paws. Neighbors had spotted Rain before, running around on the streets for several days – with no food, fresh water, shelter or sanitation. Several people had tried to approach her and help, but she would always run, hide or duck away. This led to a phone call for Hope For Paws to step in.

Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte, who are two volunteers from the rescue, showed up and tried to gain Rain’s trust with some pieces of hamburger. However, it was not enough for Rain to accept the food given to her and come with them. As Loreta tried to get closer to her, Rain started yelping very loudly in fright.

The dog continues to move back while whining and yelping, but Loreta and Edgar were determined to help. They thought she was injured, but found out that Rain was petrified of humans. Over time, Rain was gently and successfully pulled away her from her hiding spot. A woman named Carey Linnell helped – she was the one who phoned the rescue to help Rain after her unsuccessful attempt to do so.

Old German shepherd

Rain was comfortable with Carey, and the trio got the dog successfully into a Old German shepherd cage and into their vehicle. Once at the shelter, Rain received a very much needed medicated bath, medical care, some food and water, and a bed to rest for the days to come.

Old German shepherd

Although Rain was very shy at first, she started to come out of her shell once she started trusting those around her. Just two weeks after she was rescued, Rain was quickly adopted (thanks to Lovejoy Foundation) by a woman named Allison Dunbar with an Elderly dog named Ernie, and renamed ‘Sassy Pants Dunbar’!

Old German shepherd

Today, ‘Sassy Pants Dunbar’, known previously as Rain, was happier than ever before – surrounded by love and happiness!

Old German shepherd

Watch the amazing rescue in the video below!

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