Puppy Has Accident on Floor, Then he Attempts to do What his Human Would Do: Try to Clean It Up


21-year-old, Acelin Hampton, decided to get puppy about 3-months ago.

He knew he would be in for plenty of house training, but what he experienced in his home recently was something totally unexpected.

Hampton, an entrepreneur and music artist from Texas has said that the two of them have clicked well but the training process, as always, is taking a while. The puppy, known as Pablo, has gotten much better at using the outside as a toilet, but he’s still forgetting now and again.

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Hampton has gotten into the usual habit of grabbing the toilet paper whenever Pablo would have an accident, but apparently Pablo had been watching all along…

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Hampton left the house for a bit under the watchful eye of a close friend, but despite being watch Pablo couldn’t hold it in and peed on the floor. But this time was different. Pablo knew what Hampton would do so the puppy went right to the toilet paper roll.

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When Hampton came home, he saw the unbelievable sight. The toilet paper, for the most part, was on top of the pee. Hampton was amazed. It would seem that Pablo attempted to clean up his own mess. How could you be mad when your puppy tries to clean up after itself?

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