A Story of Ghost Pet That Came Back to See Its Owner


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Ghost Pet

Losing a pet is one of the saddest experiences a person can have. They are beloved companions and members of our family, but their lives are tragically short and we lose many of them during our lifetime.

So what becomes of their souls?

The man claims that he knows that it may not be so far away after all …

Ghost Pet
Ghost Pet

“One early morning I wake up and look over, and plain as day there is a black cat on floor just looking at me. I get up and it runs out of the room and I don’t find it anywhere. Wife thinks I’m crazy and laughs at how dumb I am. I saw it maybe twice after. Then one night about a week ago I woke up hearing a noise. When my eyes adjust there’s the cat on my wife’s nightstand licking its paws. I nudge her awake and I whisper “Pssst…look.” She looks and says “AHHHH!!” and the thing jumps down and disappears mid jump, before it hits the floor… One incidental note: there was an old woman with 2 cats who died in this house right before we moved in. –throwerawayer22/Reddit

story written by Mamun.




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