Homeless Puppy Was In Pain And Suffering — Until An Angel Showed Up


He was found cowering behind a bush…

In India, Animal Aid had found a homeless puppy located in a parking lot that desperately needed help. Rescuers were alerted to the puppy’s screams when they arrived at that parking lot and what they saw broke their hearts. A young puppy had been found with a torn and bloody right ear and cowering in fear behind a bush and the surrounding walls of the parking lot.

The puppy’s torn ear caused him massive pain so he continued to scream even in the presence of humans. One of the rescuers approached the puppy carefully and covered him in a blanket before carrying him to their vehicle. Even though the rescuer had tried his best to be gentle, the puppy still vocalized his pain and agony.

The rescuers quickly drove back to the Animal Aid shelter, where the puppy would receive medical aid. The veterinary team needed to sedate the puppy in order to clean and assess its wounds. They were shocked to find that the puppy’s right ear had almost been torn away entirely, so they needed to surgically remove that ear for the puppy to recover.

Homeless Puppy

The puppy’s surgery was successful, with the team hoping the best for its recovery. Two weeks later, the puppy recovered well enough and revealed his playful and sprightly personality to the staff. The staff named him “Banjo” because of his personality. Banjo is currently living at the shelter, where he can finally be happy.

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