IKEA Offers Stray Dogs A Place To Warm Up & Stay


At a IKEA store located in Catania, Italy, the staff working there have gone above and beyond merely selling furniture for the holiday season. They are fulfilling wishes, by providing a home to dogs who need food, warmth, shelter and the possibility of a new home – and them doing so has garnered great praise worldwide.

A woman named Martine Taccia was on a shopping trip recently when she was surprised to spot a couple of dogs snoozing cozily amongst furniture displays. “My reaction was pure amazement. It’s not a common thing,” Taccia remarked. The dogs were local strays — and this taste of home was actually a gift to them.

Stray Dogs

That specific IKEA store had decided to open its doors to homeless pups in the area, in order to provide them refuge from the bitter cold. And the dogs were shown to be content, happy and grateful for the gesture.

The stray dogs IKEA has housed receive daily meals and pampering from both IKEA’s employees and anyone who visits the store. The good news was that some lucky dogs have even found a new forever family – amongst IKEA’s customers!

Stray Dogs

IKEA’s Catania store publicly advertises the need to provide both assistance and love to strays everywhere. Plus, the dog-friendly initiative has also warmed the hearts of many shoppers. Another customer, Beppe Liotta happily remarked: “I felt a feeling of deep tenderness and great happiness in seeing dogs crouched in the exhibition space at the entrance of the IKEA store.”

This was not the first time IKEA has advocated for stray animals. Previously partnered with Home For Hope in a campaign to encourage pet adoption, cardboard cutouts of shelter dogs were placed around store displays to raise awareness on the issue. IKEA’s good deed is truly a special gift for the holidays!

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