Sad Dog Stories Make You Cry But Little Boy Really Cared About The Dog


The sad dog stories may melt your heart but this sad dog stories will learn us a lesson. We should not avoid dog or we should not keep our dog in a lonely place.

sad dog stories
sad dog stories-screen shoot from YT video

sad dog stories

So this is not a story, a lesson for the human being. In this video you will see that mom and her little boy who likes dog very much, are walking on a lonely road. Then, the boy notices that a dog has been sad down near road side road. The dog is looking very sad because it’s owner has been leaving it.

The boy comes near the dog and touches it. The dog feels happy but it becomes unhappy when mom urges her son to go to home quickly. Probably the mom does not like dog or she does not allow her son to stay near a dog.

But After a while they returned to dog and rescued. The son takes the dog to his home and clean or wash it. Now the dog is very happy. It gets lot of food and begun to pass time happy. The boy and the rescued dog grows fast together.

When the boy grows young, that dog is still with him and the little dog is also young or old. He is very faithful. One night the boy or man did late to come to home. So he tried to enter into house from the back stair or rood site. But he fells down from the roof breaking his hand and loss his sense. Then the dogs begins to burg. The old mum can understand that something has happened. She comes outside the house to help her son.

So after watching, we notice both the kid and the pup grow up. Towards the end you see the pup coming toward the end of his life cycle. Not chasing his stuff toy deciding to stay close to his human. From this video we can say that please save animals specially the dogs.

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