The Sad Story of a street dog who is now living in Haven…


Sad Story of a street dog

So Many people walking in the street. None is even look at me. Whom should I ask help with?

Sad Story of a street dog

I do not have language to speak with humans. But someone can be had my voice. Finally I got rescued….

Sad story of a street dog

But I am going to survive? I have no hope to live.  I was examined by a vet.

Sad story of a street dog

I have  a disease called DISTEMPER.  I can just leave the world.

Sad story of a street dog


I already fought much pain, can not fight anymore!!! Thank you for giving me a NEW LIFE!! I now belong to Heaven & hope not to be in street again!!!

Sad story of a street dog

You can see the following video which deals with the story of a sad dog who belong on the street

Video link in the following

This is the heart touching story of a street dog. Tough one man has rescued the poor dog but finally the dog has gone to the eternal place where no one can return to the world.

What do you think? Will this dog get the shelter of heaven?

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