Senior dog who lived her whole life in puppy mill picks out her very first toy


Life is beautiful if you spend it around people who care. For sweet Katarina, however, life was pretty rough as she got to spend 10 years of it at a puppy mill farm. All she knew of was that cramped place and the filthy cage. Luckily, this was all about to change after the kind-hearted rescuers from the Hub City Humane Society from Mississippi stepped in and took Katarina from the hands of the cruel owner. 


This lovely dog was about to experience what it feels like to be wild and free. She got to run around, got her very own bed, and plenty of love from both the rescuers and her foster caregiver, Ashleigh Reader.

Now, Katarina will also get a toy. Not any toy, but the one she’d choose herself. Reader filmed their journey to the toy store and shared the video along with the caption: “This is what happens when you take a dog to Petsmart who has lived her entire life in a puppy mill! She was just a little excited!”

This is definitely a must see. We are so happy for Katarina, and we hope she’ll only know of love and kindness till the rest of her life. 

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