Shelter Rescue Dogs Special Day A Special Party Day


Last Saturday, January 26th, our rescue dogs special day at the shelter of Save a Greek Stray had a blast. Cupcakes for all of them, loads of love and TLC, and a chance to spend more time with the volunteers and enjoy human company. The New Year for charities, companies and organizations, is usually celebrated here a few weeks into the new year, where there is a gathering and celebration.

rescue dogs special day

According the Greek tradition, a special cake, with a florin hidden inside, is cut and distributed among us all. The person who gets the piece with the florin, is supposed to have good luck all year. A pomegranate, a symbol of fertility, abundance and good fortune in ancient Greece, is smashed on the floor, and the more seeds that are scattered at the foot of the front door of the home, the more luck that that household will have for the year. It was a fun day for the dogs, and for the volunteers that have devoted their lives to those animals.

rescue dog special day

Our sweet Zoe got the florin, and we tied it in her collar, hoping that this year will bring her luck and the forever family she has been waiting for.

dogs special day

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Every shelters dog should have some special day. What do you think?

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