Stranded moose drowns in freezing ice – then an angel makes everything okay again


It’s truly amazing when we hear of stories of people stepping in for animals. It means there are still those who firmly believe that every life, no matter how big or small, is worth saving. This group of people from Sweden did an incredible deed for a moose in trouble.

We are really glad the heroic rescue was put on tape.

“On our way to the hole, we saw the moose make several attempts at getting out of the water, but it could neither get up nor break the ice to get into shore,” the video’s caption reads on YouTube. “My partner, Sigrid Sjösteen, eagerly started to chop a pathway to shallower water, where it could reach the bottom and get out. We took turns chopping for about 30 minutes before the moose was out of danger.”


At the beginning of the video we could see Sjösteen skating on the thin ice while the poor creature keeps failing about.

“Watch out, the ice is weak out there,” Sjösteen’s friend warns. “I have no idea what the hell we’re going to do.”

However, it looks like Sjösteen had a plan. Our hearts skipped a beat as we saw him approaching the weak ice. He then managed to get even closer and carved a pathway for the creature to climb up.


But that wasn’t enough as the moose was too weak to follow the path. Sjösteen gave him a little push using his stick, but that didn’t help either.

“It’s tired,” the companion said. “I guess we’ll have to chop some more.”

One of the people who helped in the rescue took over to do some chopping and the moose could swim out a bit, but it was way too exhausted to free itself completely.

“Come on moose, come on now, come on,” Sjösteen says trying to coax the moose onto land.

Eventually, the moose got out of there and could be seen walking into the forest.


“Yes!” one of the men says.

Sjösteen gave him the thumbs up.

“There we go,” he says. “What a relief!”

These people put their life on the line for the animal. They could easily fall into the freezing water through the thin ice, but they never thought of the consequences as long as they would save a life.

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