The Owner of Sweet Boxer Left Her In Car And Her Action Leaves Internet Roaring – PAWS PLANET


Waiting in a car all alone can be so boring, right? That’s exactly how a sweet boxer named Fern felt when her parents visited a gallery in Broughty Ferry, Scotland and she wasn’t allowed to go in.

sweet boxer

She expressed her displeasure at being left behind in the car by her mom and dad. And instead of sitting and waiting patiently, she came up with a brilliant plan to get their attention. Planting herself in the front seat with right paw on the steering wheel, Fern proceeded to her dad’s car horn.
People passing by thought the driver of the car may have had a medical emergency. They approached and busted out laughing when they see a boxer sitting in the front seat and honking the horn. One of the bystanders pulled out his phone to capture the scene. And we should all be grateful this person recorded Fern’s little tantrum.
Her dad Graham was worried something had happened to Fern, he rushed over to the crowd. “I started running because I was worried something had happened to her,” he said. “When I got closer, I realized people were pointing and laughing and taking pictures.”
When Fern’s hilarious moment of impatience was uploaded, she instantly went viral and people couldn’t stop laughing at her human-like reactions.

Watch the hilarious video below!

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