Unique Rescue Puppy Born With Cinnamon Roll Ears


Who doesn’t appreciate the smell and the mouth-watering taste of freshly baked cinnamon rolls? I guess everyone simply loves them as this recipe became America’s second favorite, with the piealways on the top of the list.  Well, this is why the cutest puppy born named Cinnamon whose story we’ve stumbled upon just recently caught the attention of people from across the country.

Puppy Born

If you wonder why this cutie pie got this name, just wait until you take a look at the way she looks. Her tiny ears are rolled as cinnamon rolls and that has to be the most unique feature of a little puppy ever.

Puppy Born
Source: Pit Sisters via Facebook

This is Cinnamon’s rescue story

A passerby who believed the litter of puppies needed help quickly contacted the Pit Sisters rescue organization. Their goal is finding homes to dogs who are on the euthanasia list and to those who have spent way too much time at the shelter.

Source: Pit Sisters via Facebook

Jen Dean, the president of the rescue organization was the first one to spot the unusual looking dog. As the rest of the pups looked just normal, Cinnamon’s ears were all rolled up.

The woman somehow knew that this puppy will be one of the most special dogs they have ever rescued. She also knew people will quickly fall in love with her because besides her uncommon features, she had a very sweet and vibrant personality, as well as sparkling eyes.

Jen even said how photos don’t do Cinnamon a favor, as she is way sweeter in person.

Source: Pit Sisters via Facebook

No one really knows how the litter of puppies ended on the street.

However, everyone suspects how they were probably ditched by a neglectful owner.

Thankfully, no matter the harsh starts they had in life, Cinnamon and her siblings are now doing great. The staff feed them, gave them a bath, and provided them with meds for their infections.

Thanks to all the love and kindness they received both by the volunteers and the vets, the puppies were able to shine and show their bubbly personalities.

Once the staff posted pictures of the babies on their Facebook page, people quickly got mesmerized by Cinnamon’s physical appearance. Needless to say, she became an Internet sensation and many called the shelter interested to learn her story.

Source: Pit Sisters via Facebook

It’s truly amazing how the malnourished dogs became the most loved puppies.

With Cinnamon in the limelight, the family’s chances of being adopted were pretty high.

Most of them, including our favorite doggy with ears resembling the Victory rolls hairstyle that was popular in the 1940s, were given a forever home. Cinnamon’s new family already has three other dogs which means she’ll have fur pals to hang around with. As for the rest, we are sure loving people will welcome them in their life very soon.

Jen says how she instantly bonded with one of the pups and will adopt him herself.

We are so glad each of these loving dogs got their happy ending.

Source: Laurie Locashio McGovern via Facebook

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