Warning issued after tiny pup ingests nearly 50 rib bones, not even surgery could save him


If we as humans enjoy consuming certain foods such as juicy ribs, cheese overloaded pizzas, and different kinds of sweets, that doesn’t mean our pets should eat it too. On the contrary, human food may cause severe health issues in animals.


The thing is that even if we are more or less aware of this, it still happens that we offer a piece of meat or a candy bar to the neighbor’s dog believing we are being kind by doing so. And as small portions of certain foods might be harmless, consuming too much of inadequate food may even result in death.

Just recently, Sacramento SPCA reported of such a horrific incident in which a dog’s life was lost as a result of over-consumption of ribs.

It hasn’t been reported whether someone fed this puppy the ribs or it got them from the street. Unfortunately, it had to undergo an urgent surgery that resulted in a fatal outcome.

“This sweet scruffy puppy came to us after ingesting a large amount of ribs,” Sacramento SPCA shared on Facebook.

Around 50 ribs were found in the dog’s stomach. And even if it looked as it was about to start recovering after spending a short amount of time in foster care, the puppy died.

“We aren’t sure if he was fed these purposefully or if this adorable scoundrel got himself into the garbage,” Sacramento SPCA stated. “But it’s better to be safe than sorry — keep human food away from your furry friends!” “Our veterinary team provided him with additional treatment, but unfortunately his little body could not quite catch up,” the post explained.

However, not all foods consumed by humans are deadly for the dogs. Below is a list of what canines can and can’t consume. Maybe you should take a look at it in case you want to treat some random dog with what you are eating.

“Some of the foods people eat can be introduced to a dog’s diet just fine, and even provide health benefits such as joint strength, better breath, and allergy immunity,” AKC states.

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