Woman Finds Street Dog With Her Puppies, Looks Closer And Sees A Tiny Human Hand Reaching Up


When we think about motherly instincts, we often think about humans but it seems as if it also exists in other animal species as well. In some cases, those instincts exist, even if they are dealing with children who are not their own.

It seems as if dogs can also be included in this group. If you had never thought about it before, this story will make you a believer.

The dog had six newborn puppies of her own but she found a human child abandoned by his 14-year-old mother. When they found the baby boy, he was being sheltered by the dog as if he were her own pup. They were found in rural Argentina in a field.

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La China is the name of the eight-year-old dog. It is thought that she heard the baby crying in the field in the shantytown of La Plata outside of Buenos Aires.

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