Baby elephant sneezes too hard, hilariously panics & scuttles to hide by mommy


Having a chance to explore the wild life of Africa has to be one of the most exhilarating experiences in life. Just think about the excitement mixed with fear when you get to look straight at a wild cat’s eyes. Unforgettable!

A group of tourists, however, had a close encounter with another animal, and it turned into the most adorable sight they’ve ever stumbled upon.

A family of elephants was casually crossing the road with the mommy leading the way. The sweet babies were right after her, but it turned out that one of them, the most curious one, was eager to take a closer look at the unusual creatures that were staring right at him. While he was trying to figure out who these humans might be, he sneezed. And as seeing an elephant doing so wasn’t impressive enough, he made the tourist laugh even harder after he got scared of the loud noise he made. He panicked and hid behind his mother. We are so glad the baby elephant’s adorable run was caught on tape because let’s get honest, it’s not every day that you see an elephant sneezing.
Baby elephant
As for his mommy, I guess she didn’t really like the humans laughing at her son, so she told them off by giving them a slow death-stare.

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