Dog Jumps In Joy As He Watches Himself Win The Competition


Us human beings to have a real habit of understating our life achievements, we say things like “It wasn’t a big deal”, or “it was just luck”. But this collie doesn’t at all…

When this adorable boy, Kirk, had won the first place position, with four-pawed excellence in a super hard agility competition, he was very proud indeed and wasn’t scared to let everyone know about it!

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His owner, Channan Fosty, and Kirk too, of course, have been regulars at the agility championship circuit for two years!

In all of this Kirk really had gotten better and better, and in 2016 he won two competitions, the Steeplechase Finals, and the Grand Prix at the USDAA Nationals.

This lovely and adorable doggie had won with his ability to move at great speed, jumping over hurdles and dodging round the course with accuracy and ease.

Dog Jumps
Source: Youtube Screenshot

Winning the renowned Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge in 2017 was another one of these achievements, and after it, Kirk watched the TV with Channan, both together.

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Channan shard the video of him watching and reacting to him winning the course on her youtube channel video, in the video Kirk was jumping for joy!

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Kirk watches himself weave through the course with sheer excellence, expertly through tunnels, he can hardly contain himself*

Watching this puppy, watch himself win is a real pleasure!

So it’s hardly surprising to see the video go viral, thousands of people are watching it, see for yourself, it’s really incredible!

Dog Jumps
Source: Youtube Screenshot

dog jumps

Some others watching the video pointed out that it looks like Kirk is mimicking wat he is watching
A few other Redditors pointed out that it appears like Kirk is mimicking what she sees on screen—what a smart dog!

The video also went massively viral on Twitter—it’s been viewed over 1.9 million times!
People on Twitter also tried to decide what was going through Kirk’s head as she watched. Many people think that she was saying, “Go me! Go me!”

Today, Kirk is still competing, and she still loves it!
Most recently, Kirk took part in the 2018 UKI West Coast Biathlon Agility Cup. This dog clearly has a passion for running agility courses, and she has tons of talent too.

Kirk shows a great example of how to celebrate your accomplishments—we could all learn something from her! If you’d like to see the adorable moment Kirk realizes she watching herself win, check out the video below.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

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