Dog With Painful Burns Reunites With His Savior Once Again


Smokey the dog, was abandoned at the end of March, bound to a tree by chains located near homeless camp located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The poor distressed pup had severe and painful burns all over his body. Animal rescuers cut his chains off and quickly removed him from the bushfire area. Rushed Peggy Adams Animal Rescue, Smokey was examined by his saviors who determined that Smokey needed extensive medical treatment and rehabilitation for his wounds.

Smokey was then transferred to Jupiter Pet Emergency & Specialty Center, where staff administered multiple blood transfusions, gave him daily bath, bandage changes, and other medical treatments in the hyperbaric chamber to Smokey. All of these was to help reduce swelling and pain from the burns the poor dog sustained. The staff at the animal clinic, particular Dr. Latimer, adored Smokey. They gave him plenty of toys, food, water and even his own bed to sleep on as he recuperates.

Smokey’s transformation was beginning to take place – he became less afraid and more trusting of humans day by day. His once badly inflamed skin was also starting to heal as days went by. It was not just great medical care that helped Smokey – love had a part to play, too!

Once Smokey started to heal, his personality started to change into a goofy and energetic one. Smokey’s story was published on social media, and many were interested in adopting him. However, one of the staff members at JPESC had already offered to do so.

Smokey went back to JPESC for another check-up and reunites with Dr. Latimer, the vet who had helped save his life. Smokey is clearly beyond thankful for everything the vet has done to help him.

Watch Smokey’s story in the video below!

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