Dog Tries To Wake Its Owner Up — In A Hilarious Way Of Its Own


Our pets, particularly canines, are a part of our families. Be it at home or in the great outdoors, they would always want to spend as much time with you as they can. As their owners, we are truly all they have. A world without them would mean nothing, and vice-versa. Dogs would even sleep on your bed, which could mean lesser snooze time for us – and this is very often hilariously true. One dog was videotaped by her owner’s bed, and she did what dogs would normally do – to wake you up. But there was something different about her method in doing so.

Meet Ava, a Shar-Pei who is shown in the video trying to wake her owner up – but in a ever so gentle way. Courtesy of @Avathepet, Ava was seen tapping her owner’s pillow and blanket – but not aggressively or directly on her owner’s arm. Perhaps she did not want to jolt her owner up?

Ava continued to softly tap with her front paw until her owner finally awakens. Her owner reaches out, pets Ava and held up her hand for a high-five. Ava returned it, and it was ‘mission complete’! Nicknamed ‘Ava the tapping Pei’ and given her very own Facebook page (along with another dog and one cat), this Shar-Pei is already very much well-known due to her tapping wake up antics! How adorable is Ava now?

Watch the adorable footage in the video below!

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