Family Shares A Tearful Reunion As Their Cat Was Finally Found After 9 Days


After 9 days, their cat was finally found to be alive…

A Youtuber named Hamish Patterson’s house was burned down in the Californian Camp Fire recently. Patterson had documented how his house looked like after the fire in his vlog, even rummaging through the rubble in the process. While going through some of the rubble, he was glad to have found his frying pan in the process, joking that he was going to use it to cook food. But that was obviously not the highlight of the vlog. The camera eventually showed one of his family members carrying a black cat in her arms.

Then the camera shifted back, with both Patterson and his family member in the frame. Both of them could not help but blink back tears as Patterson said “my cat made it!” and the trio shared a tearful reunion. Patterson must have expected not to see his cat after the devastating Camp Fire, but he actually alive and well!

Tearful Reunion

The black cat, named Mike, was safely brought back home, where he received plenty of affection. Patterson still wondered how Mike was able to survive on his own for 9 days since the Camp Fire started and miraculously found him after shaking the cat-shaker for 15 minutes near the burnt house.

It turns out that Patterson’s friends brought food and water to Mike even though most of the residents have already evacuated the area. Patterson was extremely thankful because if it wasn’t for them, Mike would have not survived at all.

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