Learn How Cat Furniture Can Keep Your Cat Healthy


Everyone knows that indoor cats need cat furniture but there are so many different kinds to choose from! Do you know how to figure out which is the right kind for your cat? Keeping a cat healthy indoors means that you need to meet all of their natural needs such as exercising, scratching, and napping! Here are some tips for finding the right cat furniture to keep your cat healthy.

A Cat Tower Helps Them Release Energy

Cats need somewhere to play and the best way to achieve this is with a cat tower. Believe it or not, cats can get bored easily and can gain weight from boredom. At first glance, you may think all cat trees which can be cat costumes also, are the same. However, you want to make sure that your cat can actually run up and play on the cat tree that you choose. Otherwise, it’s just like getting them another cat bed. Look for a cat tree that is sturdy and made to last. You don’t want it to start tipping over when your cat jumps on it. Your cat will end up not using the tower if this happens.

Hang Some Cat Shelves To Give Them A View

Cats love cat shelves because they love to be high up! Cat shelves are great because they hang onto your wall which was previously wasted space. Once you get one cat tower for your cats, you can avoid using any more floor space by placing cat shelves near the tower for your cat to jump to. This is a quick and easy way to catify your home. You can even place them in a path formation so that your cats can run along them or reach a destination.

A Cat Scratching Post Will Keep Nails Healthy

Scratching is a natural instinct for cats and is actually very important whether indoor or outdoor. This behavior can not be stopped. Cats will scratch things for stretching purposes and to keep their nails tidy. When cats don’t have a proper scratching post, they’ll use whatever they can find. You probably won’t like what they choose to scratch. So, you’ll need to give your cats an assortment of scratching posts to choose from if you want to save your furniture.  

Cats Should Have Their Own Cat bed

While your cat may enjoy curling up with you in your bed some days they’ll also enjoy having a bed to call their own. You should definitely consider finding a designated cat bed for every cat that you have. Finding the right kind of cat bed for your cat is important since every cat is different. If your cats are shy,  they may like to curl up into a bed that is on the ground while other cats may prefer being higher up. Pay attention to where your cats like to sleep and based on that you should figure out what kind of beds are right for them.

A Healthy Happy Cat Needs Cat Furniture

Getting the right kind of cat furniture can put your cat on the right path towards a happy and healthy life indoors. No two cats are alike but meeting their basic needs with these items is a good first step.