A Garbage Man Didn’t Know He Was On Camera, What They Caught Him Doing Took My Breath Away



Twice a week, the garbage man in this video takes time out of his day and his job to say hello to a special friend. This guy decided to set up a hidden camera to capture the sweet moment. As soon as the waste collector pulls up to the house and gets out of his truck, he looks around expectantly. Suddenly, a golden retriever runs toward him!

garbage man helps
garbage man helps

Joshua Byrne is the dog’s owner, and shares in the description: ‘Every week the garbage man takes time (2 quality minutes) to see my pup and say hi. Who said that nice people are hard to find?’
Joshua decided he wanted to share the nice moment with the world, so he set up a camera to catch it on film. You can see the familiarity between the dog and the garbage man, and the excitement that the dog feels at getting to say hello to her friend!

It’s a simple video, but it has a brought a lot of joy to many viewers. It’s always nice to see people take a few minutes out of their day to make someone happy, if it that someone is an animal!

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