Two Guys Feed A Scared Stray Cat, Don’t Think That She Will Return And Bring A Surprise


This is a sweet story of a scared stray cat which was rescued by two kind guys. They first saw the cat, she was very fearful and nervous. She wouldn’t come near anyone and would not eat when the guys were around. It’s difficult to touch the elusive feral cat.

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So, they put food out for her and then left because she was too scared and nervous. However, the brothers still do everything to help her. They fed her for several months and she slowly became more comfortable with people. Then one day, she surprised both guys by bringing her babies to meet them.
scared stray caAt that moment, they knew that they had to do something for her family. It took an hour gathering up the kittens, as the guys didn’t want to let them grow up on the streets, even though they had a caring mom. “We knew we had to get them out of there.”
scared stray caWhen the whole family of cats was inside, things were hard at first when all kittens were not at all friendly. However, they started being familiar with the brothers and the new house. The furry family stayed in a room they didn’t use, where the mother cat was relaxed and was able to nurse her kittens in a good environment.
scared stray ca
All the kittens quickly were recovered and now they no longer need to worry about shelter and food. The family was together and safe and the two guys began to look for forever homes for the furry family. They hope that they all get adopted and can live a happy life and receive the proper medical care they need.

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Source: Love Meow

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