Heroic dog buries her puppies and saves them from devastating forest fire


It’s been said that the purest and truest meaning of the word unconditional can only be found in a mother’s love. An incredible story that comes to us from Chile is just a reminder that this saying is genuine.

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Heroic dog


During the fires that struck the region of Valparaiso, many were fearing for their life as it seemed the flames were spreading uncontrollably. Among all those people and animals who were trying to find a safe shelter was a mother dog of 9 puppies. In an attempt to keep her babies alive, she buried them in a deep hole she dug in the ground after which she tried to find a place to hide herself.

During this catastrophic fire that took place back in 2015, one person lost his life and thousands were evacuated. It is believed it was started at an illegal landfill site in an attempt to burn piles of waste.

The brave firefighters that were at the scene were trying to move out some tires that caught on fire when one person told them how he’d seen a dog digging a hole right there. As they took a closer look, they spotted the puppies who were around 2-weeks-old. It took the firefighters around 45 minutes to get each of the babies out of that hole alive. Soon after, they spotted the mother hiding under a container too.

This amazing story was quickly spread across the country and around the globe and everyone says it was a true miracle how the puppies were found alive. The mother dog was named La Negrita and she and her puppies had been placed at a foster family where they could enjoy their time together until they were all adopted.

You can take a look at the miraculous rescue operation in the video below.



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