Woman Set Up Hidden Camera To See How Her Cat Was Escaping, And What She Found Shocked Her


Her Cat Was Escaping. Aliyah Steele, a senior student at the University of West Georgia got a huge shock recently when she saw her roommate’s cat, Cubby Jay had figured out how to get out of its locked bathroom. In order to solve this mystery, she decided to set up a hidden camera to find out how the cat escaped.

Cat Was Escaping

She set up her phone to record and closed the door on Cubby in the bathroom. Amazingly, what she found when she watched the video was incredible. What she saw in the tape was a very smart kitty. Cubby straight up jumped on the counter and opened the door with a little push.
Aliyah shared the video on Twitter to tell people how Cubby Jay secretly escapes from the bathroom and it instantly went viral. At the time of writing, Aliyah’s post has amassed over 242K likes and almost 69K retweets. She wrote on Twitter: ‘My roommate’s cat is always breaking out of her bathroom. ‘I set up this hidden camera to find out how…and y’all…’

Watch the amazing video here!

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