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jimmy john liautaud elephant

CEO jimmy john’s owner hunting Exposed : Jimmy John Liautaud, owner and CEO of Jimmy John’s food chain, has recently sparked outrage on the internet with the photo of his latest trophy kill. Jimmy is seen celebrating and posing with a “thumbs up” over the dead body of an elephant he killed. jimmy john hunting has been dishearten by many animal lovers of our world

Owner of Jimmy Johns celebrating the killing of a beautiful animal. Remember next time you want a sub. Please retweet! pic.twitter.com/9An7NWqAfR

— Yossarian317 (@yossarian317) April 19, 2019

jimmy john’s owner hunting

jimmy john’s owner hunting obsession with hunting mighty wildlife creatures has been known for a while now. Many people have pointed out that Jimmy John’s has been indirectly financing and endorsing such cruel hunting practices of its owner over the years. Enraged animal lovers have since been promoting the boycott of Jimmy John’s chain altogether.

However, this isn’t Jimmy’s first brush with controversy. jimmy john hunting exploits have been well-documented and have often attracted polarizing response from the people. But since his activities are well within the legal boundaries, it always works out in his favor.

Organizations like PETA have also joined in on this debate, encouraging people to choose healthier and more merciful options when it comes to food chains. We believe that jimmy john liautaud elephant hunting for fun will always remain a cruel sport, as nothing can ever justify the killing of defenseless, innocent animals. What do you think about the whole concept of “legal trophy hunting”?

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