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In an Australian suburb of Melbourne, Cat Rescue Melbourne by Rescuer who were hiding underneath a house. As the rescuers approached the two kittens, they were shocked to find that one of the kittens had four ears and a deformed right eye. The kittens were rescued and were brought to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society. A shelter volunteer named Georgia Anderson soon heard that a kitten with four ears had been brought in and was waiting for his right eye to be removed in the vet clinic.

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Cat Rescue

Cat Rescue

Georgia quickly went to the vet clinic to meet this special kitten after hearing the news. The eye surgery had left some stitches on the right side of the kitten’s face. Because of this, he was nicknamed ‘Frankenkitten,’ or Frankie. Although this 10 week-old kitten had been through a lot of pain and hardship already, Frankie still had a sweet personality.

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After Frankie’s eye surgery, Georgia informed the vet clinic staff that she would foster him until he recovers and brought him home with her. At home, Georgia was amazed by Frankie’s loving personality, he even got along well with the children and the other cats! Although Georgia originally had intended on fostering Frankie, she decided to adopt him the very next day.

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To adopt Frankie, Georgia had to wait for a mandatory period of eight days before bringing him home. Eight days later, Georgia’s family officially welcomed Frankie into their family. The family’s three cats and beagle also became a part of Frankie’s family too! As Frankie was born with four ears, he still would need his family’s help for any issues in the future.

His family are currently waiting for his adult teeth to grow. When they are grown, Frankie’s lower canines would have to be removed as it would cause harm to his palate when he closes his mouth.

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