Service Dog Surprises Everyone In Tampa Airport — With 8 Of Them


Meet Eleanor Rigby, who’s one proud Labrador service dog who just became a mother to 8 adorable puppies – and this happened while she was waiting with her owners for a flight at Tampa International Airport! She was accompanied by her owner Diane Van Atter and her mate, a fellow Labrador service dog named Golden Nugget. Eleanor went into labor – right in the airport in front of many passengers waiting for their flights. The whole event caused quite a stir amongst the very excited onlookers, who had witnessed everything from start to finish – right in the middle of boarding Gate F80. Weary travelers were immediately perked up from all that buzz – who could resist cute puppies?

Labrador service dog

Flight schedules were the last thing on everyone’s mind for at least 3 hours. The puppies just kept on coming, one by one as onlookers marveled at the sight of a live birth. One passenger exclaimed: “I was here since puppy five. It’s on Instagram; We’re getting a lot of likes!”

Labrador service dog

Kristin Hamilton, another passenger, wrote the following: “A Service Dog named Ellie, short for Eleanor Rigby caused quite a stir at Tampa airport yesterday. The two-year-old yellow lab went into labor before boarding a plane to Philadelphia. Tampa Fire Rescue delivered seven puppies; 6 girls and one boy. Congratulation to the new mom and safe travels.”

Eleanor, affectionately nicknamed Ellie by those who know her, was overjoyed seeing her new 8 puppies – there were 7 males and 1 female. To assist her, paramedic staff from Tampa Fire and Rescue were responsible for safeguarding her and monitoring human traffic during Eleanor’s 3-hour puppy delivery. The puppies were safe with a clean bill of health, and are now ready to travel back home with their owner and parents!

After the birth, air travel was not possible and was deemed unsafe for both Eleanor and her pups. Her owner had to drive them all back home for their safety. All of them had missed their flight, but no one mind that. They were all en route to Pennsylvania before the birth of the pups. However, Eleanor and her new family members simply looked forward to going home and settling down for the day. How amazing was this?

Watch the video of Labrador service dog below!

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