Lost Dog Was Abandoned By Her Family – Who Promised To Pick Her Up


Her family had promised to pick her up…

Dogs are a part of our families and our companions for life. Sadly, there are always families who grew tired of their dogs and abandon them for various reasons. Senior dogs especially, are at a high risk of getting abandoned by their families as they demand more care. Unfortunately for a dog named Lindsy, her family just didn’t want her anymore. Lindsy was initially found by animal control officers and brought to the Babylon Animal Shelter in New York.

Not long after Lindsy’s arrival, the animal shelter soon received a call from a girl from the family who owned Lindsy. She had told the shelter that it was a mistake and that Lindsy had ran away from their property. She also promised that her family would come to the shelter to pick up as soon as possible after informing her father.

At first, the staff were assured that someone would come for Lindsy. But in the end, no one came for her. Lindsy’s family did not want her anymore and chose to leave her at the shelter for good. Poor Lindsy!

According to the staff, Lindsy had a kind and bubbly personality and loved to spend time with the people around her. They were optimistic that she would find her forever home very soon. But two years later, Lindsy still remains at the shelter and is now a senior dog.

Senior dogs often face difficulties in getting adopted as people would want to adopt either a puppy or a younger dog. Even though Lindsy has been at the shelter for two years already, she is perfectly fine and is still on the lookout for her forever family.

Every dog deserves a second chance at life. If you are interested in adopting Lindsy, please contact the Babylon Animal Shelter as soon as possible.

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