Man’s About To Return Dog To Shelter When He Reads Previous Owner’s Letter


A man had recently moved to a new town, where everyone was warm and friendly. People he met would wave to him when they saw him around town. But something still felt missing from his life. He thought that a canine companion might help him and filled the void. So, he went to a local shelter where a black Lab named Reggie needed a home.

The shelter said that it could take two weeks for the dog to adjust to his new surroundings and they had a two-week return period in case Reggie and the man were not a good fit. Sadly, he and his new adopted dog weren’t getting along. Reggie wouldn’t listen to a thing he said.

He contacted the shelter’s to let them know that he would be returning Reggie. By the end of the two weeks, the man was about to bring Reggie back to the shelter when he spotted a letter the previous owner had left with the dog. With feelings of sadness and disbelief, the man read every sentence carefully. And this letter completely changed his mind.

Read the letter below!

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