Mother cat is not about to leave her kittens behind. Watch how she protects them fiercely


Mother cat is not about to leave her kittens behind. Is there anything a mother wouldn’t do for her children’s safety? I believe not, because mother’s love is the strongest force on Earth. This isn’t only true for humans, of course, but for other species too. Overly protective and always ready to step in, a mother is a mother, no matter if she’s a cat, a dog, or a woman.

When the rescuers from Hope for Paws got a call about a stray kitten living in terrible conditions on the streets, they knew they had to help her. This cat has just given birth to a litter of kittens whom she kept under an old and filthy truck. The initial plan of the skillful volunteers was to get the mommy out first, but they failed doing so as the cat didn’t get into the trap deep enough in order to trigger the door.

As this didn’t work out, they though it would be for the best to get the babies out and then make the mommy come for them. But as they got the first kitten out, this fierce mother didn’t just sit there watching her baby being taken away from her. She quickly grabbed the cat and took it back. This was an amazing moment to witness.

You can take a look at it in the video below.


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