Neglected Dog With Severely Matted Fur Looks Very Different Now


This dog was completely unrecognizable at first…A cocker spaniel mix named Sang Su was found and rescued by the Trio Animal Foundation in Chicago, Illinois on the 4th of October. It was clear that the poor dog had been neglected as he had severely urine matted fur and infected ears which nearly developed into hematomas. According to the foundation, Sang Su’s eyes were lifeless and full of sorrow due to his neglect. The staff at the foundation immediately brought him in for medical treatment and also a much-needed grooming for his matted fur.

After grooming, Sang Su looked like a completely different dog! His fur was so badly matted that it took 2 hours to be completed! The staff even stated that they could not see Sang Su’s eyes and face when they took him in at first. Although nervous and timid due to the abuse he suffered, Sang Su still welcomed pets from the volunteers at the foundation.

He even rubs his head against their hands and seemed to enjoy the attention.Although he looks healthy, he still has a long way to go. Sang Su is currently wearing wraps to protect the sores on his ears. Not only that, he also has yet to recover from infections on his skin and eyes.

However, Sang Su is making good progress on his road to recovery. He has begun to eat and even made new friends with the dogs at the foundation, who keep him company everyday. Every dog deserves a second chance at life, Sang Su is no exception to that.

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