Neglected Shelter Dog Falls Asleep In Her Rescuer’s Lap


Most of the dogs who live on the streets have difficulties finding food and taking care of themselves. Such was the case with a beautiful Shelter Dog stray dog named Bella who spent most of her life in a kennel at a Romanian city pound. She experienced health issues related to her spleen and liver. Unfortunately, she had never visited a vet and her conditions weren’t medically treated.

Shelter Dog

Her pain and suffering came to an end when the kind-hearted volunteers from Howl of the Dog stepped in and took her under their care.

The moment one of her rescuers tried to touch Bella, she gave them a lick on the hand. It was obvious the dog had a friendly and bubbly personality, but she didn’t have a chance to show that to the world. Well, not up until that moment when her life turned for the better.

Shelter Dog

Once at the Howl of a Dog’s shelter, Bella could feel she was at a safe place, surrounded by people who were willing to help her.

“She seemed to have instantly understood that she was being rescued and that she’s safe,” Howl of a Dog said.

And there, one of the most heartwarming things happened. Bella fell asleep in her rescuer’s lap. That was a sight none of the volunteers will ever forget.

“She was so trusting and relieved to be finally rescued that she simply fell asleep in my arms while we were heading to the veterinary clinic,” Howl of a Dog wrote on Facebook.

Bella was brought at the vet’s where she got medications for her liver and spleen. She also got a medicated math for the fleas that made her skin itchy and red.

Her life at the shelter is a great one. She lives her days to the fullest running around, having fun, and getting lots of food and treats.

If you take a look at Bella now, you’ll see that she looks like a brand new dog.

“Bella is doing fine now, receiving all the care she needs to regain her health and joy,” Howl of the Dog said. “Once she’s completely recovered she will be up for adoption.”

We hope this sweet puppy would be able to put her ordeal from the past behind her. We are sure that whoever adopts her would get themselves a best pal for life.

Take a look at that very special moment of Bella falling asleep in her rescuer’s lap in the video below. You may need to grab some tissues before you proceed.

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