Owner Follows Her Upset Husky To See What’s He’s Whining About


He wouldn’t stop howling and whining…Huskies are sled dogs and are known to be very vocal. They are an intelligent breed and often stubborn in getting what they want from their owners. A husky named Zeus is no exception. Zeus lives with his owner with another German shepherd and would stop at nothing to ask his owner for anything he wants. Zeus came into his owner’s office one night, howling and whining about something. His owner already made sure that he has already been out and has ample food and water, so what’s all the fuss about?

To see what was wrong, his owner immediately got up and saw that Zeus was trying to get her to follow him. She ended up following up all the way to the kitchen and found him standing next to the treats drawer, howling. She then realized that Zeus was trying to tell her that he wanted some more treats, even though he just had some not too long ago!

His owner soon gave in and decided to give him some more treats since he was so insistent. Zeus finally got a treat and happily sat for it. But after eating the treat, he still remained in the “Sit” position, begging for more treats. His owner relented and gave him one last treat before she finally closed the drawer and went back to work in her office. I certainly do hope that Zeus is satisfied that he finally got more treats! What a naughty boy!

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